Mad World.

I'm a teenager in a small town. I live a reasonably average life. But it's routine.its lethargic, meloncholic and disenchanting. But this is not me…
goodbyeseance Feb 27, 2012


I just encountered a situation that really made me sick with some of the people around me. I thought I'd write a blog about…

Dahvie Vanity: Inspiration or Dud?

Dahvie Vanity: singer of the "Scene" Cybergrind band Blood on the Dance Floor, Hairdresser, and ruler of an empire of eyeliner hoarding scene kids…

Things I Believe.- #VivaLaScene

-Religion is irrelivant -Equality is non-exsistant but ideal   -I must remain a force for change -Use youre head and Joy Will Find a Way -I will strive to…
goodbyeseance Dec 28, 2011
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  • Mcbride British Columbia, CA
  • 19 Female, Leo
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  • Religion: Agnostic
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About Me:

Aspiring alternative hairstylist. Cat lover. Music fanatic.
I will live by P.L.U.R.R and say whatever the fuck I want.
You can folllow me on twitter @GoodbyeSeance


Hairstyling, Fashion, Makeup, Music, scene, Comic Books

Favorite Music:

My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Metric, Bring Me the Horizon, Skrillex, Deadmau5, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Nirvana, Aiden

Favorite Movies:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Stranger Than Fiction, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Romeo & Juliet, Mean Girls

Favorite TV Shows:


Favorite Books:

The Gargoyle, Romeo & Juliet, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Its kind of A Funny Story, Get Well Soon

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